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If you've found this page, I'm guessing you're looking to get into real estate, but want to make sure you go about it in the smartest way possible. 

Instead of jumping in the deep end all on your own, you know that if you could just follow a proven system, you could kick ass and take names. Today, I want to offer you that system. And no - this isn't some online course - this is a chance to join my team here in Naples and work directly with me. Let's talk.

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Plug into a Proven System

Take the guesswork out of building your real estate career. I will personally guide you through the exact same system that allowed me to put 8 deals under contract with gross commissions totaling over $250,000 in just the first 6 months after getting licensed, and well over $500,000 within the first year. Here's how we'll do it:


Rather than jumping into the feast or famine world of a commission-only agent, now you can learn the real estate business while getting paid a salary. And you can still grow your income considerably due to the commission structure for deals you help generate. 

World Class Marketing

For the right person, I will pay for proven marketing campaigns out of MY wallet to generate leads for YOU. From the moment you start with us, your pipeline will rapidly fill up so you can start closing deals ASAP.


No more guess work. I'll show you the exact steps to convert the leads and will offer accountability for taking those steps (while not being a micro-manager) so you can rapidly grow your income. 

About Alex Owens

Alex's original background is actually in digital marketing, not real estate. After spending nearly 10 years honing his advertising skill set, he decided to put it to work inside his mom's business (his mom having been a Realtor in Naples for 30 years). 

The results were immediate - within just 6 months of getting his real estate license and launching his first campaigns, Alex had put 8 deals under contract with gross commissions totaling $250,000. Within his first year, he surpassed $500,000 in GCI, all of which came from the leads he was generating online.

Alex's book of business quickly grew to a point where he could no longer handle it himself, so he knew it was time to bring in some help. He started by hiring 3 buyers agents, then went on to hire an operations manager and the team has continued to grow since then.

If you're in Southwest Florida and you're looking to plug into a proven system with a team backing you up every step of the way, get in touch today 👇 

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How the Showing Partner Model Works

Discover how to launch your real estate career in the smartest way possible.


Work Hand-In-Hand with an Experienced Agent

The Showing Partner serves as a "nurse" while working with the agent "doctor". They assist with a large number of client relationships; building rapport, showing a number of homes, assisting with listings, encouraging and assisting clients, and helping the agent with the details on his / her plate.


Cutting Edge Technology

Technology should make your life as an agent easier, not more complicated. I've invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours to fine tune our tech to the point where it allows you to spend less time in front of the computer and more time face to face with clients closing deals.


Team Environment

You'll find the greatest success as an agent when you're consistently focused on dollar producing activities - not wasting time worrying about paperwork. That's why I've put together a robust team who manages transactions and keeps you out in the field working on your next deal.


Step-by-Step Mentorship

Even if you have the leads and the tools to convert them, you'll still need to know the basics of how to effectively put deals together. How to write offers that protect your clients, how to navigate financing, inspections, negotiations and closings - I'll be there to personally guide you through all of it. 

About The Alex Owens Team

Alex's marketing systems have attracted numerous agents to his team. This has uniquely positioned him to better serve his clients because when he has the scale to find off-market listings with greater effectiveness than solo-agents.

This team approach carries through in everything we do and helps us ensure we always have someone available to accommodate a showing, even on short notice.

What is Required from Showing Partners?

We give a lot to our Showing Partners, and expect a lot in return. Here are some of your day-to-day responsibilities and requirements for the role.

Get Your Real Estate License

Showing Partners are required to get their real estate license before starting in the role. We'll give you all the guidance and support you need to ensure you successfully pass the test on your first try.

Build Your Skillset

Train often and develop your skills consistently. If you're not a lifelong learner who loves seeking out new information, this won't be a fit.

Assist With Showing Homes

Assist buyers and agents with the showings of homes - all while analyzing the needs and wants of the client and interpreting today's real estate market.


Generate business from your own efforts - including consistently reaching out to the leads we provide, working your sphere of influence, holding open houses, and engaging with communities.

Professional Car

Because you will be meeting with and sometimes driving around high net worth clients, you must have a reliable, professional vehicle. 


More than anything else, you must be coachable and look forward to the opportunity to receive feedback from experienced agents.

Our values

  • Optimistic
  • Obsessed
  • Ownership
  • Relentless
  • Reliable
  • Blissfully Dissatisfied
  • Energetic
  • Team Player

What Are You Waiting For?

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