Shattering Records: Realtor’s Revolutionary System Sparks Bidding Wars and Record Profits!

Founder of Southwest Florida's fastest growing real estate team agrees to give away his 7-step home selling system just to prove it works.

Here are the Seven Steps to selling your home:

As Seen In

1. Preparation

First thing's first - your home needs to be prepared to be marketed and sold. This can mean different things for different homes, so give this quick video a watch to see how we handle this process. 

2. Pricing

Before we ever fire up our marketing machine, we have to get the most critical element of your home sale strategy correct - pricing. Simply put, nothing has a bigger impact on your home's sale than proper pricing. Watch this short video to see how we get pricing right.

3. Storytelling

Marketing your home isn't about providing factoids like how many square feet or garage spaces it has. Instead, it's about making people form an emotional connection with your home. That's why we throw out the traditional playbook when it comes to writing property descriptions, and instead use copywriting principles based on some of the best minds in marketing.

4. Photos & Videos

Now that we have your home properly prepared, it's time to capture it in all its glory. We spare no expense in engaging the absolute best photographers and videographers. Discover our process here.

5. Digital Ads

Now that we have your home prepared, properly priced, and captured in HD photos & videos, it's time to launch the listing and get your home out to the world. Watch this short video that explains a few other things we do beyond what was discussed in the first video to get your home in front of the right buyers.

6. For Sale Signs

Here's where we bring the old school into the 21st century. Most agents leave MASSIVE opportunity on the table because they rely on antiquated For Sale sign systems that do a terrible job of turning drive-by buyers (some of the BEST leads) into actual inquiries. Watch this video to see how our system is different.

7. Team Approach

When you're selling one of your most valuable assets, the last thing you want to do is leave the job to just a single agent. The team approach we use means your home gets way more exposure and you're far more supported throughout the process.

More Proof Our System Works

Hear what our clients have to say about us:

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When you sell with The Alex Owens Team, we leave no stone unturned in providing you with the best home selling experience we could dream up. Here are just a few of the "bonuses" we provide to our clients:

Bonus 1
Home Warranty

We probably don't need to tell you that there's no shortage of things that can break in a home or condo. That's why we provide all of our Private Clients with a home warranty as soon as we sign a listing agreement.

Think of a home warranty like homeowners insurance, but for the main appliances in your home (stove, washing machine, etc.). When one of these break down, you pay a small deductible to your home warranty provider and they repair your appliance. 

This can help you avoid any unexpected big-ticket expenses before selling the home, but more importantly, it can be transferred to the buyer, which makes the home more easily sold.

Bonus 2
Moving Voucher

We get it - moving isn't the most fun process in the world. Especially if you have to do it all yourself. That's why we've done the legwork of screening a moving company and even secured preferred pricing exclusively for our clients. 

Once we get your home under contract, we'll get everything lined up for you so all you have to do is pick out the cocktail you want in your hand when you start relaxing by your new pool! 

Bonus 3
Love it or Leave it Guarantee

If you're thinking about buying a new home or condo in the SWFL area after selling your current one, we recognize it's a big commitment, and ensuring your satisfaction is our number one priority. That's why we want to take all the risk off the table for you. Buy a home with confidence, knowing that if you don’t absolutely love it within the first 12 months, we will sell it (and help you find a new one) completely for free!

You would still pay the buyer's agent commission, but we won't charge you a dime on our end. When you're making one of life's biggest purchases, you shouldn't feel locked in. If you don't absolutely love your new home, just let us know, and we'll make it right.

Cancel Anytime Guarantee

If you're anything like most homeowners, you worry about being trapped in a lengthy contract with a less than competent agent. This can be more than frustrating; it can cost you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, valuable time, and create negative exposure for your home on the market!

How do you protect yourself from this all too common real estate experience? Our Cancel Anytime Guarantee is the solution. We offer you complete, 100% assurance of our services before we put your property on the market for sale. 

Our Guarantee puts YOU in control and makes us accountable to you. At The Alex Owens Team, we'll give you more than empty promises. We have such confidence in our expert agents, we guarantee their quality in writing!

Join Our Family

Family drives much of what Alex does each day. He donates a portion of all proceeds to Sell a Home, Save a Child, a registered 501c3 that supports orphanages around the world. The organization immediately stood out to Alex due to him having been adopted. We invite you to become a part of our family.

Here's Proof That Our System Works...

Jason M.

Logistics Advisor

Our home sold in 2 days!

"My fiancé and I were looking to sell our home quickly. Alex Owens and his team crafted an excellent and attractive home listing, and our home sold in 2 days! The Alex Owens Team has wonderful negotiating skills and is very talented. They made the entire process very easy. They made sure we understood what was happening throughout the closing process. All of our questions were answered promptly. I would recommend The Alex Owens Team to any of my family and friends."

Kat N.


Sold it in ONE day!

"The Alex Owens Team came to my rescue when Ian flooded my townhome and the co-owner abandoned it and me.  They answered all my questions and concerns, listed my home at the price I wanted, and, in spite of it not being fully restored, sold it in ONE day! They are professional, very nice, helpful and continue to support me after the sale in dealing with FEMA problems at my former HOA. I put all of my trust in them and they were my champion in the hard times we suffered after Ian. I would 100% recommend them to handle your home sale (and actually have already done so!). They're awesome!"

Ellen F.


4 hours later, YES, FOUR hours later Alex's team brought me a full price offer!

"I was very fortunate to find The Alex Owens Team online when I began my home search. I called them and in just 2 weeks we found my perfect forever home. They went above and beyond making sure the purchase was perfect. Four hours later, YES, FOUR hours later Alex's team brought me a full price offer for my condo, which had NOT even made it to MLS!"

A Note from Alex

Thank you for taking the time to consider us as your agent. We know you have many options, and we take the responsibility of helping you with one of life's biggest transactions seriously. We look forward to speaking with you soon. 

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