Why Off-Market Properties are the Missing Ingredient in Your Home Search

If you're looking for a new home in the Naples area, but you're feeling a little underwhelmed by the properties you're seeing on sites like Zillow™, Realtor.com, or elsewhere online, I feel your pain.

Most of what you'll find there is overpriced.

And if you do find something that's appropriately valued, it's usually a battle royale with other buyers to get it.

Which of course ends up driving up the price anyways...

When I first got into real estate, I followed the path that every brokerage and coach lays out.

If you have a client looking for a home, learn a little about their criteria, then set them up on an aromatic search that sends them the properties that come on the MLS that sort of match their criteria.

Then, hope for the best…

I know…not exactly breaking new ground.

See, that strategy can work.

That is, if you like staying GLUED to your computer screen and making rushed decisions when a new listing hits the market. 

That’s because thousands of other buyers are getting that notification at the same exact time. 

So if you’re using that strategy, you have to be lightning quick to be the first one in the door, then make a quick offer without having time to fully think through everything...

Not ideal to say the least.

This lesson was driven home to me when I went to buy my first investment property in Naples. 

I was tired of seeing all the overpriced, already picked-through listings everyone else was seeing on Zillow™, Realtor.com™, and all the other online sites. 

And especially as an investor, I need to ensure I was buying the property with enough margin to potentially flip it.

Months went by and nothing I saw really met my criteria. 

I wondered if I’d ever be able to find the right property at the right price. 

Luckily, that’s when I was introduced to a mentor who showed me some unique marketing strategies to find off-market homes

He taught me how to identify homes owned by people who likely wanted to sell, then put the exact right marketing message in front of them to get them to reach out to me.

Before I knew it I had a flood of off-market listings that I could cherry pick from to find the best possible deal.

And the best part was, many of these homeowners were highly motivated...

And because I was the only one who knew they were interested in selling, I was able to negotiate a far better price (and terms) than you could ever get for a home listed on the MLS or Zillow™.

Suddenly, I had a property under contract for 25% less than what it was worth!

Sure, you might be used to seeing a 25% discount on things at the grocery store, but a 25% discount on one of life’s biggest purchases?

Safe to say my mind was blown…

Oh, and that doesn’t even take into account the crazy cash flow this property was now generating me because of the low price I was able to buy it at.

Since then, I’ve gone on to perfect this system for clients. 

And honestly, that's been the most rewarding part...

Nothing quite beats seeing the reaction on my clients' faces when the find the perfect home at the perfect price.

If you’re interested, you can learn more in this quick video: Watch Here